Hello again! Welcome back to our development blog, where you’ll see fun and fascinating things about our new game: Rayna's Revenge. Rayna’s Revenge is a platform-adventure game inspired by the spirit of classic Metroidvania-style games. The game will be a mix of 2D hand-drawn animated characters and 3D backgrounds. We are using Unreal Engine 4 for this project, we [...]
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Animated Icon Process

Hey guys! This is the process that I followed to create Stars Nya's animated Power Ups. I had the design very clear in my mind, this time I made it in 3D without a previous sketch. I applied a green transparent material with transparency for the circle, and opaque materials for the borderds and cross.  I tested it with [...]
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Hey! Today we show you how we make an anime cellshading style illustration: Demonika, the Bad girl of Stars Nya. I used Photoshop for coloring and FireAlpaca for the lineart. At first I make a simple sketch of the character pose with a digital blue pencil in Photoshop. After that I add more detail to the sketch in a [...]
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