Rayna’s Revenge is a platform-adventure game currently in development for PC. The game will be a mix of 2D hand-drawn animated characters and 3D backgrounds. We are using Unreal Engine 4 for this project, we think that’s the best choice for us and we are really happy working with it.

Inspired by the spirit of classic Metroidvania-style games and other platform-adventure games, Rayna’s Revenge will take you through multiple dangerous zones filled with secrets and monsters to recover your magic power and achieve your goal, revenge!

My life was quiet, my followers loved me, people from nearby villages were afraid of me… all was perfect, at least until that “holy knight” appeared … damn him!  His army defeated my forces,  assaulted my castle, and then, with the help of those who called them “The Order of the Moon” they reduced me…

I had never felt so weak, so vulnerable, they did not want to kill me… I heard them talking something weird about a prophecy, a ritual…  I could not defend myself, because that damned magic paralysed me. They stole all my magic items, I was chained and locked in this cursed crypt since hundreds of years ago… but I have not surrender!

I am Rayna, a daughter of death and shadows… a vampire! I have been captured, my followers has been defeated and my castle has been stolen by the Knight and his Order… but I’m not giving up, I feel the power of the red moon and I know that my time is coming… it’s time for Revenge!


This is a list of the features that we are planning to do:

  • Platforming! Run and jump through deviously designed levels
  • Blood Magic: Cast evil spells to destroy your enemies
  • Wall climbing!
  • Blink! Super Vampire movement: evade hit and jump front
  • Charm! Bite cute girls to recover health
  • Recover and get new followers (bats, werewolfs…)


Character’s  Concept art

Environment  Concept art