Hi guys!

This time we talk about environments and mood.

We wanted to archive an anime feeling. We started by creating one of the the first levels of the game: the crypt.

(Remember that all Rayna’s animations in the videos are placeholders)

This is our first environment test

The mood of the lights was near the feeling that we like but too saturated and feeling “noisy”.

We used normal maps sculpted in Zbrush and the diffuse texture is a mix of baked textures, ambient occlusion, cavity… plus handpainted over all.

The materials look nice for a stylized game, but it doesn’t have the anime feeling that we are looking for Rayna’s Revenge.

Detail shot

We made a second mood test, this time a castle

Yay! It looks a lot more anime-ish now!

We changed the texture creation workflow, all textures are 100% handpainted (no highpoly bakes) and we didn’t use normal maps.

(Sorry for the “camera shake” the game runs smooth in play mode but my graphic card is dying and I had problems with the record software ^_^u)

Castle screenshots

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