Today we’ll show you a sneak peak of a secondary character, she’s very important in Rayna’s story, Samyrah the Witch. Her character design is inspired by Tia Dalma from Pirates of the Caribbean, one of my favorite movies, Yaaaarl!

Samyrah is an old Rayna’s friend. She’s a witch versed in black magic and enchantments. Her age is a mystery. There is an ancient crow spirit enslaved in her staff, he can see some parts of the future and the past. She will help you in your adventure.

Samyrah lives at the Lost Swamp, a place far away from the civilization, she doesn’t like unexpected guests.

She can use astral travel.

Samyrah Concept Art

She’s very helpfull, but she has bad temper sometimes… 😛

Samirah's Staffs

The one on the left is the old version. We are going to use  the right one, the crow spirit version, it looks cooler and fits better in the story 🙂

SPOILER: The crow talks a lot!

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