Hi Guys! Today we’ll show you the “evolution” of Rayna’s design.

At the begining her name was Lest. “Lest” was inspired by the name of one of my favorite vampires “Lestat” from the film and books Interview with the vampire. We thought that Lest was a cool name, but not enough, and it may sound weird in some languages.

After some brainstorming and research we changed it to Rayna!  The meaning of Rayna is Reina (Queen in Spanish). Rayna is the queen of vampires! All is perfect now!

Original Design

This is the first illustration of Lest Rayna 😀 I drew her in 2007!

First Chibi version

First try making a 2D sprite design. I tried to draw her very similar than the original character, I only changed a little her clothes, to cover more skin… she needs pants 😉

First 2D Sprite Design

First try making a 2D sprite design. This time I drew her more stylized and changed her clothes a little .

More Chibi Designs

Yep, you know, I love chibis, I had to make a chibi version of her inspired in Shantae’s design. I tested some different clothes and hairs and more vibrant colors this time.

Anime Design

Anime character sheet, more “realistic” body proportions, new clothes design. She’s cool, but not what I need now.

Stylized Chibi Design

Another chibi test, more stylized than the other versions. I liked the clothes designs but not the body proportions…

Anime curvy Design

…then I tried to draw her again in anime style with the same clothes. We were close! but her body was too big and “curvy” for a vampire D:

Anime stylized Design

Yay, more anime stylized style, near perfection! But too detailed for a small 2D sprite. I will use this design to make a 3D anime version in the future (maybe for another Rayna’s game in full 3D ;))

The final design!2D Sprite and character portrait

This is the final design! We are happy with the clothes and body proportions 😀

I have to say that’s not 100% polished 2D sprite, I have to make shadows and clean lines.

Bonus: Super cute chibi

I made a last chibi version that’s not for the game “Rayna’s Revenge”. I also made a 3D version, but I don’t want to show her yet. That’s another game, another story, another post 😉

We hope you enjoy it and be sure to check back for more updates!

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