Hi all! my name is David and I am the one who fights with the code.

I made an anisotropic reflections hair material for Unreal Engine 4 few months ago and I want to share it here.

This is the first version of the material, but I hope I can continue working on it over time, at least until Epic doesn’t finish his own material for Hair and Fur and become this material obsolete 🙂

I hope you like it.

Version 1 Features

  • Solid color
  • Gradient color
  • New gradient control (more Artist friendly)
  • Full Highlights Control (Color, Power, Shift and Strength)
  • General Shift control (height)
  • Jitter amount
  • Lit mode
  • Roughness control
  • PBR Specular Control (Affects all hair, only Highlight 1, Power)
  • Rim Light (Exponent, Color, Strength)
  • Glitter control (WIP) (Glitter Texture, Switch for highlights, Power)
  • Diffuse base texture (colored by Gradient or Solid color)
  • Highlight 1 Mask Texture
  • Shift Texture (more real hair, anime style…)

This is a screen capture of the material options 🙂

In the meanwhile, let me know if you have any problem creating the material or visit the Unreal Engine 4 forum thread HERE and I will help you 🙂

If you like the 3D models used in the images, say it to Emma 🙂

I share this material with all of you with three conditions:

You can download a sample package with all that you need to use this material

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