Today we show you how we make an anime cellshading style illustration: Demonika, the Bad girl of Stars Nya.

I used Photoshop for coloring and FireAlpaca for the lineart.

At first I make a simple sketch of the character pose with a digital blue pencil in Photoshop.

After that I add more detail to the sketch in a new layer with a black thin brush.

I design some clothes over the body.

Then I paint some rough colors, to test the overall mood.

I Ink the drawing in FireAlpaca or MangaStudio, both are nice softwares for inking. I tint the lineart, I don’t want pure black lineart in this illustration.

At first, I make 4 layers in Photoshop for anime style coloring:

  • Light layer in soft light mode, 100% opacity, white color
  • Eye shine layer in normal mode, 100% opacity, white color
  • Shadow layer in multiply mode, 35% opacity, chestnut color (in this image you see black shadows, but I changed to chesnut later)
  • Base flat color in normal mode, 100% opacity (in this image you only see grey, but I changed to color later)

I add color to the base layer, and extra little details:

  • Blush
  • Extra shadow layer
  • Eye layer, I like to paint detailed irises.
  • I duplicate the lineart layer and apply a soft gaussian blur filter, put this layer in overlay mode and 70% opacity. This extra lineart layer adds a nice effect to the character.

I create the background. It has different layers for stars nebulas and character glow effect.

We hope you enjoy and be sure to check back for more updates!

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